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Battery’s goal as a novel is to subvert and flip common superhero tropes on their heads. It’s heavily inspired by John “Wildbow” McCrae’s web-serial Worm, the Red Rising Saga by Pierce Brown, and Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle among others, all of which I highly suggest you read.

It will take the form of a web-serial. Each chapter / arc will be split into anywhere from ten (10) to fifty (50) sub chapters, and will tell a smaller story or event building on the main story. A new sub chapter will be released once or twice every week, or at least that’s the goal. Once I deem the chapter and the substory that chapter tells complete I will start on another. If donations end up happening I’ll do an extra chapter or an interlude (again, like Worm). My Patreon can be found here.

The prologue, Abscond, is a shorter arc composed of five chapters. It tells a short story pertaining to the events that happen throughout the rest of Battery, and each chapter takes the Point of View of a different character in Battery’s cast. The rest of Battery, from Merge onward, takes the P.o.V. of Dean Fagen, a student in eleventh grade, who secretly possesses powers.


Parahumans are commonplace. Junior and Senior teams of crime fighting heroes are so common almost any city in North America has them, but do to the nature of powers, villains are even more so.

MSNMACM, an organization dedicated to overseeing and protecting the global community from capes whose actions might put others at risk, proved itself to be humanity’s biggest risk. It developed a prison meant to contain the most powerful of humanity’s aggressors, and until recently it held fast. Now things are in tatters as the most powerful parahumans alive, known as Forefathers, run amok.

Dean Fagen, a senior in high school, developed powers after a traumatic event the summer before. Now, just as she’s coming to grips with her powerful abilities, she’s thrust into the thick of things.